Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back :)

O M G - seriously i hate that song. despite the fact that i love Usher. jeez its been a while since my last post isnt it? i really should start to write again. and no aku bukan busy bebenor sampai tak sempat nak blog, please lah kau ingat kau siapa nyah. busy sangat ke kau?? i just lost my words..

did i just say that? hahah..only my close frens know how much i talk. i talk, n talk, n talk to the point ida always buat2 paham apa aku cakap. but thats because pompuan ni suka multitasking kan otak dia. or she is just tired with my voice? ADA AKU KISAH?? with it! or kalau u nak lari from my sawan cakap, get married! see how rina manage to escape herself- kawin! ekekeke ;p

ok the real reason why i stopped writing ialah i need some space untuk menenangkan diri. i was busy menyusun hidup from that point onwards. i dont want to vent by writing. i dont want the world wibe web to know about my private life. i am a very reserve person. i seldom show my real emotion. i'm good in pretending :) and now i'm ok, here i am!

ok enough with the explanation. i'm ready to write again. doesnt matter lah ada orang nak baca ke tak, i miss writing....and camwhoring of course! heheh


4 u know that u love me:

YOI said...

ko memang...cakap tak brenti..joyah!!! :P

hotcocoa said...

ekekeke. shadap! tp aku menceriakan suasana kan?kan? ala kata je la ko rindu nak dengar suara aku

YOI said...

windu suara ala2 emon! :P

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